AL-KAFI The Book of Divine Proof (I)

AL-KAFI The Book of Divine Proof (I)

AL-KAFI The Book of Divine Proof (I)

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جلد AL-KAFI The Book of Divine Proof (I)
Published by:
ash-Shaykh Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Ya'qub Ibn Ishaq al-Kulayni ar-Razi
Sayyid Muhammad Hasan Rizvi
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

One of the characteristics of a messenger and prophet is God designating and determining him according to the holy verse "Allah best Knows where He places His message", and it is clear That designating a Prophet for mankind is the extreme favour of God, so This world of men not be abandoned and the inner Prophet or wisdom not be left a lone on the rood to justice and prosperity, without assistance.
Without a doubt, after the Prophet (s.a.w), The meaning of the continuation of Gods grace is That the caliph and successor of the Prophet (s.a.w) is also designated and determined by god, because of this, when the holy verse "Say: I do not ask you of any reward for it, but love of my relatives". Grants the people to take notice of the Prophets (s.a.w) household members, and announces that the reward of the Prophets 9s.a.w) mission in Kindness towards his relatives. Then, in the definite and
successively witnessed traditions of Saghalain and Ghadeer etc. The Prophet (s.a.w) also introduced them as the equity and companions of the Quran the property and reserve provisions of the people and his caliph. In the holy verse, "Say; Whatever reward I have asked of you, That is only for yourselves." this is made clear that The command of consideration towards the Prophets (s.a.w) relatives, is not for the personal profit of that dignitary, but, for your own profit, and is a elite favour from Gold to mankind just like the original Prophet hood itself.
In this manner, the first characteristic of and Imam and the Prophets (s.a.w) caliph, is also his assignment by God and his compulsory obey. Now he is, the guide from God, and the leader and main evidence for those in authority. In the holy verse: "Obey Allah and obey the Prophet and those in authority among you".
This volume is from the beginning of the Book of Hojat To the end of chapter 14 and the titles of some of it's opening chapters are; the need necessity of proof and an Imam: the ranks of Prophets, messengers and Imams; the difference between interpretations of: Messenger; Prophet; relater of traditions; no proof, for the servants of God, stands, other than with an Imam.