The Revealer, The Messenger, The Message

The Revealer, The Messenger, The Message

The Revealer, The Messenger, The Message

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جلد The Revealer, The Messenger, The Message
Published by:
Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr
Dr. Mahmoud M. Ayoub
Original Language:
18.0 × 12.0 cm

About this Book

The esteemed world and contemporary scholar , Sayed Mohammad
Bagher-al-Sadr , whose detailed and valuable books , especially in the field of faith , encounters with thought methods and contemporary economics like the books , Falsafatna , Eghtesadna and others , has reached worthy fame in the world of Islam.
This time , in a small and compact booklet written in the shape of an introduction to his book (Al-Fatavi-Al-Vazea) his epistle on judicial decree , he discusses , for the public , Divine Unity and the Prophet ship and with his knowledgeable and powerful pen he has made clear and understandable numerous serious and expertise subjects for the unskilled educated in a few short and frank sentences , so at the some time that they understand his straight , clear and dignified argumentation on religious education ,experts also receive his deep meaning and with the slightest hint they distinguish , between several surprising ways of thought , the right path . Because of this , this world famous Islamic thinkers short summary must be considered as one of the notable books of his library
As we commence, we accompany the writer in examining the reasons of faith and belief. Since when has faith entered the human mind ? What was the cause of this belief? How does philosophy and knowledge encounter belief?
After this, we reach the debate on examining roots and foundations of reasoning and thinking. What are the initial accepted foundations of intellect and manifest? Whether the deep canyon of science and origin of knowledge is in sentiment and experience or, we have a more original meaning on a higher stage? Whether materialistic policies can, according to it's claim, be confined in it's own circle of feeling and experience and never take a step further so, in this manner consider itself separate from divine policies in this point?
Then, we pay special attention to the field of dialectical materialism and we see how it expresses it's policy called intellect and science of faith but, it is clearly at a decisive from intellect and science so. It struggles by contradicting itself in this situation.
In the introduction of this book, after the foundations of thought are specified , we discuss the main debate and reach the main of his discussion, or, the very interesting of confirming the creator. We especially follow this discussion by the way of science and experience. Here we find out in general, which are the methods of science and experience and then, by using this method completely in the director of confirming the creator, what conclusion is reached? In this respect a summary of the new worlds aims and intentions are studied and examining the deep valley on the scientific route to confirm God, we deal with a subject confusing for western scholars.
After being released from the method of science and experience in confirming the creator we engage ourselves with this point. Whether, other than with scientific reasons, can we reach the creator with clear experience and trust in pure intellectual reasoning? In this manner, especially on the discussion of origin and existence maybe we would be surprised that with the firm but simple debate of the author intellect, we feel compelled against all accepted and in technical terms, scientific notion, and we must confess that in this great wide world, very moment, something appears out of non-existence and from non-being into being.
Then we deal with a chapter or how material thinking opposes the difficult wonders of spirit and life and how they struggle in a turbulent whirlpool? And, especially, what does dialectic materialism think about this aspect?
After completing this interesting chapter on confirming the creator the debate on the prophet hood is proposed in continuation of the previous debate and the same method of research is followed. Is the law of perfection and the direction in which it aims rules the whole world and halts, when it reaches it's ultimate man? What is the part played by the prophet hood and the hereafter in the decisive guidance of the world? Whether scientific and inductive methods are benefiting, as in everyday life, and scientific research can enter the scope of the Prophet ship of the last Prophet (p.b.u.h.a.h.p.) and guide us in this field? Then, the specialties of the Prophet, his last Prophet hood and the manifest verses given to him are examined.