The Rights of Women in Islam

The Rights of Women in Islam

The Rights of Women in Islam

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جلد The Rights of Women in Islam
Published by:
Murtaza Mutahhari
Sayyed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

In western thoughts and among westernized groups, a woman is very often looked on as a plaything and a means of pleasure as well as an attractive agent for the customers in the commercial advertisements. While in Islam, woman and the issues related to, provoke hundreds of question and exclamation marks. Incidentally, some years ago, one of the women's famous magazines in Iran - which was considered as the most distinguished manifestation of the westernization and which was trying hard, with the financial and spiritual support of the domestic and foreign powers, to rule the corrupted concepts of the west over the Islamic thoughts of the Iranian people - started publishing a series of expanded and detailed articles on woman, in which it would emphasize on those exclamation marks and magnified them to the utmost, and by this way, it would deviate the opinions in general from the clear and prosperous realities of Islam.
A Campaign between two Authorities of thought at that Time, with the efforts made by the Muslims on the one hand, and the pretension of that magazine to liberty and non-attachment on the other hand, the great scholar and honourable writer of this book got permission from that very westernized magazine to take a share in this discussion and publish his Islamic ideas in that regard in the same magazine. By this way, a very interesting and readable campaign authorities of thought was publicized in such a way that not only confronted the rival with disgraced spiritual defeat but also it seems that affected his existence. According to the preface of the book "It was not more than six weeks later that he (the original writer) died as the result of heart attack and was thus freed from writing the replies for ever".
And now, in this great and interesting work which is at your disposal, and is nothing other than the very series of articles of the writer published in that magazine, you notice how all those complexes and western gaudy ideas have been melted and sunk to the ground, just like a heavy snow exposed to the bright beam of the sun, so that the western and the westernized women whom have been lead into captivity and exploited unfairly gain a new life in the way of recovering their real independence and the true human personality, and to be powerful in enduring their special responsibilities, and finally, the dark clouds would be cleared away in this field from the front of the shining sun of the Islamic teachings.
With due attention to the short history of the collecting this series of articles, the quality of arranging the subject-matters and their transposition would become clear. The esteemed writer, himself writes in this regard in the preface "Naturally, I had to start from where he started".
Concerning woman and her rights, the great writer builds a special background and logic which have been obtained from human nature, and with this natural view, distortion of all forged sights which are observed by special glasses and in various forms, will become clear and manifest. Problems within the Circle of Marriage regarding expression of interest which is customary for the man as well as the responsibilities which are special to him, we notice the following points: Does a man's proposal of marriage insult a woman and interpreted as the tenderness of woman? Are "dower" and "maintenance" considered as price of a woman, and do they remind us of the age when woman was the property of man? What does "dower" mean in holy Qoran? What are the kinds of "maintenance" according to Islam?
And concerning fixed-term marriage, we read as follows: What necessity is there for a law to be approved in the named of fixedterm marriage when there is already a law of permanent marriage? Is a fixed-term marriage compatible with the human dignity of a woman and against the spirit of the Charter of Human Rights? Is the present-day life and its demands conform to this marriage?
Freedom and Equality Regarding what is declared in the west in the name of the freedom of woman or equality of rights: What are the manifest defects in the Charter of Human Rights concerning woman and family? How far and in which field do the scientific and experimental facts of the present time accept clearly the physical and physical differences between woman and man? Do their differences indicate the superior quality and inferior quality, or on the contrary, the law of creation through these differences make the union of the family firmer, and lays the foundation of the unity stronger? How should be the reflection of these differences in legal system? And at last, does the real short history of women's freedom in Europe have a human background, or on the contrary, it has an unfair exploitation and anti human background? The difficulties of the west which come in consequence of recalcitration at the law of nature concerning woman and family are to what extent? And amongst their tumult, the question of divorce and polygyny; in this connection, we read:
How divorce makes clamour in the contemporary world!? Are the positive laws able to do anything in that regard? How is the logical encounter of Islamic with the question of divorece? Why some of the modern researchers regard the nature of man in the system of creation as polygamous and the nature of woman as monogamous? The English translation of this book which has been accomplished by World Organization for Islamic Services considered as one of the most essential activities for the propagation of Islam through which we hope the clear voice of Islam reaches the far generations and the foreigners, and to shake the disinterested thoughts and attract them towards itself.