The Shi’ite Creed

The Shi’ite Creed

The Shi’ite Creed

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جلد The Shi’ite Creed
Published by:
ash-Shaykh as-Saduq
Asaf A. A. Fyzee
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

The author of this book, shaky sadough (may God be pleased with him) Is one of the most notable intellects and esteemed shiite writers of tradition in the fourth century (306-381) Hijrah. His famous and extensive book " Man la yahsoroho al-Faqih" is one of the four books an tradition of the Imams ( of the prophets household) ( p.b.u.t).
This book wan written principally for listing shi'ite beliefs, not for detailed argumentation. But in the meantime he has never restrained from pointing to documents and reason, in a short and concise form, on every opinion.
The book commences with chapters to list observations on every one of the principle beliefs : Gods attributes, duty, mans deeds, constraint and intrusting. He then continues explaining beliefs on differents, even minor and unimportant subjects, like beliefs on traditions concerning the medicinal qualities of objects Finally it ends with a chapter explaining belief on different and opposing traditions.

The school of tradition writers and theologians.
It is natural, observations have been made about his small debates with the meaning of original and radical beliefs which shouldn't be considered for all shiites, schools and famous groups of this religion. Mostly they show the opinion of the esteemed author in this field, and sometimes extensively shows the tradition writes beliefs one of the shiite branches and historical religions in the authors era and only finds the historical aspects those views face the direction of more common and general theologians beliefs.

Shaykh Mufids criticism of this book.
Different explanations have also been written on this book, the most important of them begging the criticism ((Tasih al- Enteghad)) by Shaykh Mufid ( May God be pleased with him), and we know that shaykh Mofid is one of the most ill usurious faces of shiite intellect and almost contemporary to Shaykh Sadough, and owned one of the branches of a lower religion or the school of shiite theologians which is a common shiite religion and is sometimes different from the text books. Reflected in his criticism are the opinions of this common religious branch. On the list of this organizations activities is the publication of this exposition in English and we wish assistance from God in this task This religious history book was translated by as intellect and one of the Esmaeili religious personalities and was published almost half a century before its translation. This organization has taken steps to republish this book, especially on the threshold of the publication of the English translation of Shaykh Mufids ( may God be pleased with him) criticism, which can be considered a demonstration of the ologists beliefs. In some of the translators explanations and marginal - notes reflections of his special religion are naturally observed, and we, to safeguard the original translation, have not changed them.
A preface in at the beginning of the book written by Mr. Shaykh Muhammad Reza Jafari the esteemed intellect, also we shall study an explanation on the special points of this edition in the English and Arabic languages.