Wilayah-The Station of Master

Wilayah-The Station of Master

Wilayah-The Station of Master

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جلد Wilayah-The Station of Master
Published by:
Murtaza Mutahhari
Yahya Cooper
Original Language:
18.0 × 12.0 cm

About this Book

(( Wilayeh )) means friendship , command etc. , in the verses of the Holy Quran it is sometimes written in the form of a command like : (( whoever takes Allah and his apostle and those who believe for a guardian , then surely the party of Allah are they that shall be triumphant )) and sometimes in the form of a restraint like (oh, you who believe ! Don't take your enemies as friends and friends as enemies,) The subject of Wilayeh has wide ranges till where Gods power of creation, or the power to do certain things out of on ordinary persons capability was gifted to a chosen few ,as said in the Qurain .
The author , in the books preface, explains the words wilah, wali and the like, all taken from the same root of (w,l,I). This world is the most common word in the Quran and is used in different , in 24 instances it is in the form of a noun 112 times as a verb and be continues, anyway the subject of Wilayah, considered very important in the Quran, is only discussed, as deserving , in an extended and wide scope, out of all the different groups and Islamic branches, by the Shiite group.
And now, it is interesting for the public to see before them in a compact book , a brief and simple summary of the background of the detailed and long debate. They read ,as well ,a lot of Qurain verses , and traditions with their translation and explanation. For example, some of the chapter titles are : Does Islam completely prohibit being kind and considerate to non - Muslims? The special status of the prophet's (p.b.u.a.h.p) household , a debate on the word Wilayah from the Qurans point of view, the behavior , as specified by the Holy Quran, of the Holy prophet (p.b.u.h.a.h.p) while he was amongst his followers, taking possession of the station or the unseen and celestial station, is the Shiite opinion, the question of the station is discussed in three ways and the power of creations apparition Miracles .