AL-KAFI The Book of Divine Proof (VI)

AL-KAFI The Book of Divine Proof (VI)

AL-KAFI The Book of Divine Proof (VI)

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جلد AL-KAFI The Book of Divine Proof (VI)
Published by:
ash-Shaykh Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Ya'qub Ibn Ishaq al-Kulayni ar-Razi
Sayyid Muhammad Hasan Rizvi
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

We encounter two various traditions on the twelve Imams of the Prophets household (p.b.u.t): The first one is a general and widespread tradition like, for example, There are twelve of them, They are the offspring of the Prophet, Ali and Fatemah, They come one after another and generation after generation and they are the offspring of Imam Hossein (p.b.u.h). This type of tradition is considered a well known tradition from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w), and is not only quoted by the Imams (p.b.u.t) of his household, but all the Sunni Sehah were engaged in quoting them with different documentation and diverse texts, or "al-ayematu men ba'di ethna ashar" - The Imams, after me, will be twelve people.
The second type is a special tradition on every one of the Imams (P.b.u.t) and consists of tradition every one of the Imams (p.b.u.t) and consists of traditions received from every Imam, relating to the Imam after himself.
The beginning of this volume of the Translation of Kafi, is the continuation of these recent type traditions, This volume starts with traditions relating to the tenth Imam or Imam Muhammad Taqi (p.b.u.h) and continues to the Twelfth Imam or Hojat ibn el-Hassan el-Askari (p.b.u.h). Afterwards there are chapters on the twelfth Imam from different points of view, for example, a chapter on those who had the grace and good luck to visit that dignitary, a chapter on his absence and others.
Meanwhile, even though this translation is not supposes to be for explanations and expositions of traditions, at the same time, we observe short and needy explanations in several necessary instances.