A General Look at Rites

A General Look at Rites

A General Look at Rites

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جلد A General Look at Rites
Published by:
Mohammad Baqir-as-Sadr
Yasin T. al-Jibouri
Original Language:
14.0 × 10.5 cm

About this Book

Even though Muslims usually understand a great dead of the affairs, other than Islamic worship, the secrets of orders and practical lows like the corruption of wine, gambling, prostitution and the like, but these affairs and practical lows are mostly obscure and frequently under question . The secrets of the worship lows are usually unclear, for example; why is morning prayer two rakasts while the maghrib prayer is three rakkats? Why is every rakaat bowing is only once but prostration is twice?
In principle, why do we pray ? Why should worship laws be obscure? How come, in other religions and beliefs the path of access and falling short? Is taken and they have become distant to their aim, which is Islam is reached with ease? how does Islam, even though with it's obscure and secretive worship, both fills the empty human spirit and ensures the prosperity of a persons world and society? These questions and a great deal of why is and what for's about worship is another, which this book, even with it's small capacity presents in an interesting and universal summary to our dear readers.