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AL-MIZAN An Exegesis of the Qur’an Vol. 1

AL-MIZAN An Exegesis of the Qur’an Vol. 1

AL-MIZAN An Exegesis of the Qur’an Vol. 1

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جلد AL-MIZAN An Exegesis of the Qur’an Vol. 1
Published by:
as-Sayyid Muhammad Husayn at-Tabataba'i
Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

In this volume, which is the beginning of the divine eccegesis translated in to English, after a short preface av. Illustrious eccegesis engages with the eccplanation of the holy chapter of"the opening of the book" and the opening verses of the divine chapter " the caw to" verse 93. Say: If the future abode with Allan in especially for you ï
In the preface, after a concise discourse about the reaction of religious thoughts and belief in the field of the Qurans eccegesis in past and recent time and on diverse methods of eccplanation, hi reaches this point that why, even though the meaning of the words are relatively Clear, at the same time we find a lot of difference in the eccegesis. After eccplaining the method of the holy Qurans eccegesis by the prophet ( s.a.w) and the infallible Imams (p.b.u.t.), he eccplains his method of eccegesis.
Most of the Quranic verses in this translated volume specializes with Adams creation, then, deals with the Israelites and their honorable prophet Moses (p.b.u.h). Eccamples and guidance from the eccbaulted Quran in this part are mostly related to diverse situations on this event.
In the part, the translation pertinent to the chapter " the opening of the book" wich is the commencement and is a concise discussion on whether the holy verse " In the name at God" At the beginning of every chapter, is considered a part of that verse, or separate.
The term: " it is applied according to the principle of the flow of the Quran. An idiom frequently used in this volume and as the terminology of this honorable eccegesis in eccplaind along with its traditional roots.The esteemed eccegist uses this terminology For many of the traditions and diverse situation in which a verse coincides with an event or a person." Va have men al- jery," meaning, that honorable tradition of that verse coincides with one of its canes and doesn't state the meaning and sole cane of that holy verse.
Of the internal and external stages in this translated volume in a philosophical and concise discourse on the chaotic subject of our era, of, whether intellect and science can be esctended further than the tight circle of perceptible things and engage in the stages of metaphysics. Also there is a discovers on the miracle of the Quran from different points of view and also a discussion on begging forgiveness for others and the mistakes made in this filed, and a relatively ecctensive discussion on whether man is a helpless tool in divine hands or whether he is a free agent along with some traditions on this subject and a discourse forged traditions about the Creation of Adam by the jews.