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Extracts from The Holy Qur’an and its Guidance

Extracts from The Holy  Qur’an and its Guidance

Extracts from The Holy Qur’an and its Guidance

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جلد Extracts from The Holy  Qur’an and its Guidance
Published by:
Muhmmad Riza an-Nuri al-Musawi
A group of authors and translators of the WOFIS
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

It was customary from a long time ago, to start acquaintance with the Quran by reading practice from part 30, which contains, for this purpose , small chapters. These chapters Have been arranged from the smallest to the biggest or, from the end of the holy Quran towards the beginning. Such a collection is called ( joss-e- ammo) .This book or (joss-e- ammo)with its special points in general and very suitable book, especially for foreigners, for acquaintance with the holy Quran.

Special Points:
1- Very big and clear print with careful markings, the beginning of every honorable verse is placed at the beginning of a new line, and is with the calligraphy of one of the most notable artists in Quranic hand writing.
2- Its chosen calligraphy in one of the easiest hand writing and suitable for
\3- The English translation is placed opposite every page.
4- In the preface, for comparing the Arabic and fairs letters with the latin , a complete and detailed transliteration in arranged along with special points so, with the use of the transliteration, foreigners can be aquatinted with the honorable verses text and read them.

Prayer and Islamic principles tableau.
5- Put at the readers disposal in a prayer tableau and consists, in the from of a tableau, prayer reminders and pronunciation,along with the Arabic and English letters and English translation, the action of prayer and their commands are summarized and very easily eacplaied.
6- Contains several other verse and honorable traditions tableaus, for the readers thought and spiritual guidance, some of the se tableaus are accompanied with many supporting documents from a collection of traditions. In this manner, this book in considered some what beneficial and effective in the direction of familiarizing the Quranand prayer in schools and reading sessions for the interested public and especially foreigners, in Quran and Islam .