An Inquiry Concerning al-Mahdi

An Inquiry Concerning  al-Mahdi

An Inquiry Concerning al-Mahdi

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جلد An Inquiry Concerning  al-Mahdi
Published by:
Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr
A group of authors and translators of the WOFIS
Original Language:
18.0 × 12.0 cm

About this Book

In all historical times, man has been waiting for a complete and encompassing world Prosperity with his innate and natural comprehension of himself and still is,till where,accordinto the intellectual authors explanation in the books preface, the strongest contradicting wave of thought along with the divine elements- like dialectic materialiomare wishing for the days when contradictions will end and peace and quiet will prevail. In the natural system, where there is a reason and aim for every minute molecule, the common and natural comprehension hidden in the essence of every humanbeing cannot consider anything as superfluous, futile and without an answer.
In Islam, belief in the promised Mehdi, who will fill the world with ivstice, is a clear and Decisive answer for that natural and innate comprehension. With this clear and cateqoric Answer, hopelessness is transformed in to hope and abatement and dying out changes its Place with In this book, intake manner of a concise and interesting summary ,we will Familiarized with the character of Mahdi (p.b.u.h) in Islam. Then, consecutively, for Every-on of the many questions which cross mind in this territory, we hear a very shorthand at the same time clear, reasonable and categorical answer from the author who is a contemporary Islamic and world intellect. Among the debates an the length of Madhouse (p.b.u.h) life, his early vicegerent (Imamett) the philosophy of expectation, the value ofnarrated traditions about him, how he predominates the world etc.