AL-KAFI The Book of Reason and Ignorance

AL-KAFI The Book of Reason and Ignorance

AL-KAFI The Book of Reason and Ignorance

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جلد AL-KAFI The Book of Reason and Ignorance
Published by:
ash-Shaykh Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Ya'qub Ibn Ishaq al-Kulayni ar-Razi
Sayyid Muhammad Hasan Rizvi
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

Two distinct responibities of wisdom
Wisdom, in not only a lifeless computer which just reasons, connects these sections of reasoning and compares them with one another and the harmony or unbar money of those sections is replied in the shape of a passivity or negative charge, but it has a heavier responsibility, yes, calculating and reasoning are one of wisdom's responsibilities, but wisdom has a higher and more superior responsibility, and that is taking commando and orders,or in other words, wisdom understands good and evil, states their worth, distinguishes good from bad and has the responsibility of guiding towards good. so it appears that wisdom has two meanings with two completely different and distinct responsibilities: one logical wisdom, with the responsibility of calculating and reasoning, and the other, perceptive reasoning, with the responsibility of command and comprehension or comprehending worth's. For example, making an orphan happy makes a person happy, and this happiness is a result of perceptive reasoning, but another person, whose wisdom has been switched off by desire becomes happy by extorting an orphans wealth. Also, this person, is satisfied by prevailing over his nerves at the time of anger, this satisfaction, is the result of perceptive reasoning but another, whose desire overtakes his wisdom, gains satisfaction and joy by wreaking his untimely anger on this person and that.

Intellect in the service of worth
The first meaning of wisdom, or rational and reasoning wisdom's nothing other than tool, means and guide, which is at the service of the second meaning of wisdom or perceptive reasoning. Just like in an efficient and orderly office there escapists a calculation and escamining room but the center of the office and its true existence is personified in the command room.
Perceptive reasoning gives orders with the comprehension of good and evil and stating their worthies, then, rational reason searches for ways to but that command into action.Because of this, abundantly, the holy verses and honorable traditions escapers wisdom with perceptive wisdom meaning. Principally, rational wisdom in only worthy when it is in the service of perceptive wisdom, just like a sensitive computer in only worthy when used in the aim of a human program and for calculating welfare.But when a tyrannical and escploitation war is waging here, for example, if the computer of this group is more complete,their tyranny and exploitation is stronger and misfortune and corruption greater.So when calculation, reasoning, planning, and designing taken the direction, at any time, of desire corruption it is never applauded in honorable traditions and isn't even considered (wisdom) but takes the name of tradition No.3 page 26, of this section. Worth's and Perceptive wisdom, which has thestatus of command, is so delicate and sensitive, and is frequently of the clutches of desire and unworthy fancies, becomes unfortunate and runs astray. For this reason, in the honorable traditions superior human understanding like, maddest, patience, friendship, faithfulness etc., all emerge from the armies and troops of wisdom. Opposite them unworthy desires and wants like, pride, hatred, treachery etc., are the troops and armies of " ignorance" - in the meaning of inadmissible desire and wants, not in the meaning of lack of science and information. Heeding this meaning for wisdom and the great responsibility of command particular to it, the honorable collection of kafi commences with the book of wisdom and ignorance. This book is the only book in this collection that in assembled for one chapter and finishes with the same chapter. Now that " book", in the first part of this honorable translation, in put at your disposal.