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Contemporary Man and The Social Problem

Contemporary Man and The Social Problem

Contemporary Man and The Social Problem

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جلد Contemporary Man and The Social Problem
Published by:
as-Sayyid Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr
YasinT. al-Jibouri
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

The most important problem which faces to days man - according to the authors preface - in the problem of designating the bestsocial system, whether a capitalism or communist, system or others, meaning, the subject of this book.
The author of this book is one of the worlds esteemed Islamic and contemporary intellects, before this book, he presented to the society two famous books titled "Falsafatuna " and "Iqtisaduna ", and now this book, which is presented as a preliminary work on the same subject written in a simple, brief and teachable style and is put at the teenagers and interested publics disposal. The author, at the beginning, before discussing about designating a system, has a discourse on logic and the ways pertinent research has to take, and what is interesting is that he reaches Islam with only this preliminary and rational debate because no other system other than Islam - just as he proves in this manner on special logic, cannot enter the arena of this great social debate.
The author isn't content with this preliminary and logical debate and on this discourse be engages in research by accepting normal common logic, and also on this new route reaches Islam because after searching for the origin of this main social problem and after finding its roots this truth is made clear that other than the heavenly and Godly Islamic system it is impossible to find a general and deep solution for these social problems roots.

Islam in comparison:
This book also contains a debate of comparing systems on one hand this debate proves this delicate point that in truth in truth the capitalist system is also a materialistic system and is not neutral as it thinks, and is founded on a material basis. It is a if it doesn't take any notice of its material foundations and closes its eyes shrewdly on them. On the other hand, this truth is also made clear that the cooperative system of communism is also a mental philosophical system even though its masters claim and insist it being experimental and scientifically.
The author makes two comparisons in the books last debate one is the comparison between freedom in the capitalist religion, which claims liberation, with Islamic freedom, and the other is a comparison between providing the society's desires in cooperation, which claims that provision, and its provision in Islam.