God of Islam

God of Islam

God of Islam

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جلد God of Islam
Published by:
Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
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14.0 × 10.5 cm

About this Book

To reach God and to prove that origin of existence - apart from its scientific highway and Looking at the wonders of this designed world - pure thought on the truth of encistence in also a clear original method. The philosophy of this highway is considered far better and they choose it. We will read At the beginning of this book, a summary of this phys losiphical highway and in a straight line without an intermediate directs the created towards the Creator. Then the book engaged in scientific reasoning and Presents
the esteemed reader in the this field an interesting summary of the several directions of this scientific highway , especially the seven de receptions of todays worlds seven notable researchers are presented. In the filed of theology, other than debate on inherent proof, other commotion causing problems are abundantly propounded. In this book a concise and interesting summary of the following diocesans Are also presented to the esteemed reader. For eccample, where does the materialistic world originate from and how could it start? How can a living thing possessing life come from an unloving element. Drawing theory on the coming and development of evolution and to what extent this system is valuable? Whether is the principle of evolution theory agreeable with religion? What do batter are brought forth by the theory of spontaneous and occidental creation propounded by persons . with acceptance of the truth of the self - Existent (God) and passing the artificial rocky road of that direction, again, the subjecof(God)in The arena of special problems and these problems, from the beginning, caused the branching of divine religions to appear. Is the Christian trinity acceptable and agreable? Are Gods attributes as the Christians and yews say agrees with is propounded in their holy books? Comparing Islamic unity and the described God whether Common religions is the subject of the second part of the book.
Finally, we reach part three, the stage of reaping thought and theoretical benefits from the past three debates on principles, or discussions on the superior attributes and virtuous names of God as taught to man by Islam and the Qvran- For this reason the Arabic and Qvran text of Gods virtuous names and superior attributes, with the translation and transliteration in presented to the entombed reader at the end of the book.