Historical Stories for Children 3 Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan & Ubaydulllah ibn Ziyad

Historical Stories for Children 3 Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan & Ubaydulllah ibn Ziyad

Historical Stories for Children 3 Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan & Ubaydulllah ibn Ziyad

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جلد Historical Stories for Children 3 Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan & Ubaydulllah ibn Ziyad
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A group of authors and translators of the WOFIS
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About this Book

1- 'Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan
Of the few people who the Prophet (s.a.w) exiled from Madinah and he stayed in exile until the end of the leadership of the second caliph, Omar ibn Khatab, was a person called Hakam ibn al - Aas ibn Omayyeh. He was a celebrated hypocrite who spied for the unbelievers and greatly upset the Prophet (s.a.w). He was the uncle of the third caliph Uthman, but even the first and second caliph, or Abu Bakr and Omar, who were also great friends of Uthman at the time of their leadership didn't give into Uthman's persistence on his return to Madinah, even though Uthman at the time of his caliphate returned him to Madinah and made him a close respected companion and gave to him, from the Muslim treasury, an amazing amount of money!
Marwan is the son of Hakam and father of Abd al - Malik the Omawi caliph. Marwan was with his father at the time of his exile and in his fathers company in different wars at the time of Ali's (p.b.u.h) caliphate - like the wars of Jamal and Seffein - which he participated in against Ali ibn Abi Talib (p.b.u.h), anyway he gathered a black and shameful dossier for himself. The subject of this book is Abd al - Malik and the birth of such a dynasty! In a tradition that was also narrated in the famous book (al-Esabat) the Prophet (s.a.w) declared his worry and sorrow about Hakam's lineage and said: Woe to my people who will be in the hands of those of Hakam's lineage.
Abd al - Malik ibn Marwan, The first Omawian caliph was descendant of Marwan. After the resignation of Muawiyah the son of Yazid and the extinction of Abu Sofians line, he stole the caliphate before him, his father had a very short government ship which we didn't take into account. Like his ancestors, Abd al - Malik also continued on tyranny and oppression. In this book we will read that someone in amazement complained to Abd al - Malik that why does he drink wine! He replied: Wine is nothing; I also drink peoples' blood! Hajjaj, The famous blood drinker, is just one of the governors who appointed by him. We will read, in this book, a summary in simple language on Abd al - Malik.

2- 'Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad:
At the time when by Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad's command, Hussain (p.b.u.h) and all of the youngsters of the Prophets family and their followers, who fought for Hussain (p.b.u.h) were martyred, their heads severed and taken to him in Kufah, he gave court and in front of everyone he hit, smiling with a stick he had in his hand, the head and teeth of Hussain (p.b.u.h), the dear grandchild of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) the son of Ali (p.b.u.h) and Fatemeh (p.b.u.h), placed in front of his court, one of the famous and aged close companions of the Prophet (s.a.w) called Zayd ibn Argham, who was present at this court, said: Take your stick away from those two lips as I swear by God I have seen the Prophet (s.a.w) kiss these two lips many times. After saying this he lost control and suddenly burst into tears and after arguing with ubaydullah his life was threatened and was taken from court. Ubaydullah was now, by Yazid, who thought he was the Islamic world governor, made the governor and general of the Kufah province, and it was his orders that caused this catastrophe.
Even though this historical example, in the most manifest form, is enough to acquaint us with Ubaydullah ibn Ziad but there are also abundant strange and special points on him, his father and his lineage. It is interesting for us to know that his father Ziad was proud at being a child of adultery and the illegitimate son of Abu Sofian.
This extreme brazenness is a special characteristic of governors who, in the name of Islam, Took ffairs into their hands. This strange and unbelievable pride!
Muawiyeh the father of Yazid created for Ubaydullah's father. In a public gathering which Muawiyeh arranged to testify his illegitimacy, he invited a wine seller and tavern keeper who was the intermediate of this baseness and impurity to testify, and he told all the intricate details and explained the disgusting story of the unlawful association between Abu Sofian and the mother of Ubaydullah -who had a husband and was one of the harlots of her time-! These wonderful and unbelievable truths in the history of these criminals are plentiful, and what is important to us is we take note of this truth that how persons, by borrowing the name of Islam for themselves, and by placing themselves at the head of Islamic gatherings, they tricked a group of Muslims and took away their wisdom and intelligence.
The second part of this book talks to children simply and plainly about ibn Ziad.