Historical Stories for Children 4 Bilal

Historical Stories for Children 4 Bilal

Historical Stories for Children 4 Bilal

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جلد Historical Stories for Children 4 Bilal
Published by:
A group of authors and translators of the WOFIS
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14.5 × 14.5 cm

About this Book

Bilal! An exiting name in the history of Islam! A manifest and exact spectacle of prejudice abolition in the most hard conditions. Today, at the same time when the echo of the cries of human right deafens ears, in the main centers of these cries, humans are still prohibited, only by the crime of the natural colour of their dark skin, to ride certain busses or enter certain restaurants. But Islam, actively, in one of the most tyrannical aristocratical and uncultured regions of fourteen centuries ago, stood up to it's obstinate adversary, and actively fought this racial prejudice and won.
Bilal was a black man from Ethiopia, and what is interesting is that he was no more than a slave, but at the same time the Holy Prophet (s.a.w), in that ignorant and stubborn area, honoured him with a great responsibility. He was onoured with the duty of saying Azan, or the duty of announcing the time of prayer and this is responsibility that every one of the Muslims finds contact with every day several times. this program, for the uncultured group of the days, was endurable to such an extent that some of the apparent Muslims prayed that we wish we were dead so we couldn't hear that black faced Ethiopians Azan.
Anyway, The effective addition if this heavy program abolished the problem of prejudice. Finally, Bilal reached a superior rank in the Islamic country.
In diverse events of the beginning of Islam, Bilal at the time of the Prophet (s.a.w) and also after his death till the twentieth year of Hejrat, his esteemed name adorns history's pages. His campaign to adjust the caliphate causes pride and glory.
This book, which is at your disposal, has simple language and plenty of pictures at the same time it acquaints teenagers with the character of this esteemed Islamic champion it also makes clear many of the history of Islam's programs, events and thoughts. For this reason it is not only profitable for teenagers but also for the unexpected Muslim public.