Islam Ja’fari Rules

Islam Ja’fari Rules

Islam Ja’fari Rules

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جلد Islam Ja’fari Rules
Published by:
Majeed Hamad al-Najjar
Original Language:
21.5 × 14.0 cm

About this Book

Two clear points of Islam Jafari

In Islam Jafari, the open path to Ijtahad and research has given amazing wealth and depth to this Islamic over a length of time of more than a thousand years, and founded a great thought inheritance in this filed. But if we leave this point and many other advantages of this Islamic, The characteristics and illumination of this Islamic is that it principally follows the household members and dynasty of the Prophet (s.a.w), or those who were given the special grace of Gold in the text of the Holy Quran or the verse on pureness, and said: "Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House! And to purify you a thorough purifying."
Those who the Prophet (s.a.w), in undeniable, positive and successive Traditions continuously expressed an holding fast to them, and says: "Mathalu Ahle Baity ka-sfinata Nouh, man rakabaha naja va man takhallafa anha ghavg - My progeny are like Nooh's Ark whoever finds refuge in it are saved, and those who are left behind are destroyed.
This presentable and honorable book is an opening for the great Islam of the people of the House (p.b.u.t) and in it we read summary of laws on personal situations according to the Islam of laws on personal situations according to the Islam of Jafari twelve Imam faith in a suitable and interesting manner.
In the meanwhile, in this book the esteemed author - according to his surroundings characteristics has also mentioned the current laws of Iraq to compare them even thought in this publication which is considered for the world expanse for our esteemed author, after mentioning in this book some of the general laws titled "Natural personality" he mentions some of the laws relating to pregnancy, orphans, birth and alimony, self existence, madness, stupidity and wisdom - prohibiting the insane controlling their own wealth - Taking possession of a terminal patient's possessions - a patient who died of his illness, He also explains the people of the Prophets household (p.b.u.t) laws on marriage, children, a couples dispute, divorce, testament, inheritance and bequest, according to his own opinions.