Islamic Doctrine

Islamic Doctrine

Islamic Doctrine

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جلد Islamic Doctrine
Published by:
Abdul Husain Muhammad
Original Language:
14.0 × 10.5 cm

About this Book

Many common pedicles and normal western or eastern reasoning, religion and belief is though To be a natural reasoning with a special and personal connection between the Creator and the created. With this meaning and comprehension , Islam isnt just a religion. Islam is a brightness with illuminous rays which light up the field of human effort and for the vagrant human generation combines material and spiritual programs and the clears the way for all human dimensions.
In this book, the author generally inclines toward Islamic foundations or on three, of the five Islamic principles, principles of: The unity of God, prophethood and the here after. He offers his readers clues on reasoning and a summary of pertinent argumentation on every one of the principles. At the end of the book, to complete his work , is a concise summary on Islams practical laws and he converses with The readers about their commands in different fields of worship, economics and society