Mohammad (p) is The Last Prophet

Mohammad (p) is The Last Prophet

Mohammad (p) is The Last Prophet

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جلد Mohammad (p) is The Last Prophet
Published by:
Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Original Language:
14.0 × 10.5 cm

About this Book

The conclusion of the Prophet hood with the Islamic Prophet (p.b.u.h.a.h.p) is considered one of the Islamic worlds clearest principles, specified in the precious verses of the Holy Quran and announced is explicit traditions, common accord, the first Muslims, without a doubt, have till today been proof of this. This book makes clear and explains the ending of the Prophet hood for its readers from diverse documents and original text and traditions.
The special advantage of this book is that it is responsible for serious and essential replies to many of the questions asked about the conclusion of the Prophet hood with the Prophet of Islam and while it mostly looks at the Gadiani religion, its doubt and special trickery on the subject of the Prophet hood will be answered.
It is appropriate for us to know that, a while ago, an aticle was issued in one of the magazines on the conclusion of the Prophet hood, after chasing up the matter, one of the Gadiani groups accomplished and arranged a debate on the conclusion of the Prophet hood and printed it in the same magazine. Then it was the turn of this book esteemed author till he, also in the same magazine, gave clear-cut answers to their debate and with his replies, forced them to keep quiet. Now, his clear-cut answers have been made in this valuable book to quench the thirst of the intellect and research interested. One of the chapters in this book is on the durability of heavenly instruction and clear answers to this meaning of this durability. Development of Heavenly instruction and cause of it's development. How can Islam be stable as well as unchanged? The Prophet hood ends in Islam but, in return, leadership continues and how the compassionate God, after the Prophet, designates a caliph and the first chosen caliph is Ali (p.b.u.h.)
The Gadiani religion we read in this book; how this religion came about, what it's historical and political foundation and principles are? To what extent, England and western diplomacy were on influence on its appearance? What word juggling and games this religion played to distort the meaning of the phrase, "that last Prophet" in the Quran? And how these games, even with supporting documents on the undeniable principles of its followers, are void and futile? How many doubts about the name Ahmad it raised?
In this book there is also a chapter on the Prophet hood's conclusion and we are aquainted with the claim of the Gadiani's religious leader to being Mahdi and about the alighting of Jesus christ after his coming.