AL-KAFI The Book of Divin Unity (II)

AL-KAFI The Book of Divin Unity (II)

AL-KAFI The Book of Divin Unity (II)

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جلد AL-KAFI The Book of Divin Unity (II)
Published by:
ash-Shaykh Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Ya'qub Ibn Ishaq al-Kulayni ar-Razi
Sayyid Muhammad Hasan Rizvi
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

The exaggeration and underestimation of Gods attributes:
After affirming God, the Creator - Very shocking and notable disagreements about his attributes are clear, till where a group sink into the whirlpool of comparison and imagine the Creator as a handsome young man sitting on his throne. Another group think of the Creator as united with the created, and are walking on the stray path of Christian trinity, some philosophers monism, even stepped onto the path of others, existing unity. The severe reaction of this deviation is, in other deviated and hollow religions, ostentatious. So it seems that a group thought God to be far from the created and even his power, will and creator confined, for example, in a special term with the name of wisdoms.

Deviation between comparison and disolete:
In this manner, on the road of profoundness and complete acquaintance with the Creator, The most susceptible duties of this accent are, avoiding detours concerning attributes, especially confined between the two extents of obsolete and comparison - or avoiding stages of useless ascent free from defect, and consider, creation and option unworthy of God, or vice - versa, descend without limit to where they think the Creator is similar to the created - is the most susceptible of all duties.
Get acquainted with the Creator and accept Him and - in definition of the honourable traditions which are discussed in the first chapter - we leave the extent of obsolete and know Him as a reality or object - but also consider Him the most superior and outstanding. In this manner, our imaginations and conceptions, which have arisen from our observation of created beings are not permissible about Him.
This part of the Usul al - Kafi's Translation, which starts with the second chapter of the Book of divine unity and ends at the end of the eighth chapter of That book, mostly engages on this tender point, to narrate traditions in different styles, Examples of Titles in this volume:
Interpreting the word object about God; negation from talking about the quality of the creators essence, abolishing the possibility of eyes seeing Him, negation from relating a body or form to the Creator, recently created names of the exalted Lord.