Nahjul Balaghah Vol. 2

Nahjul Balaghah Vol. 2

Nahjul Balaghah Vol. 2

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جلد Nahjul Balaghah Vol. 2
Published by:
ash-Sahrif ar-Razi
Sayyid Ali Reza
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

The second volume of the English translated Nahj al balagheh which is an extract of the leader of all believers Alis (p.b.u.h) speeds, is a continuation of the first part or the continuation of the chapter on sermons and speeds of that honorable person, and finishes with the ending of that chapter.
And now, to point to the different subjects, we give the titles of several sermons from the start to finish of this copy.
The beginning of this copy, or sermon no. 122, is a part of that dignitaries (p.b.u.h)speeches to his companions on the (saffein) battlefield, no. 123 is also encouraging them in the same war. No.s. 121+ and 125 are also on the khavarej, the enemy in the Nahravan war, and the subject of their voting or(tahkim) or letting a third person judge on Alis or oavings government. Speech no. 128 is a part of his honors (p.b.u.h.) speech when every one round fault because pensions and salaries were the
same and equal.
Speech No. 129 is a part of his honors (p.b.u.h.) speech to the dignified companion of the prophet (s.a.w) and follower and special friend of Ali (p. b. u.h) Abizar ( may God be satisfied with him) at the time of his exile to Rabazeh. Speech no. 130 is a part of that dignitaries (p.b.u.h) speech on the reason he searched leadership for himself and the characteristics of a leader and Imam of truth.
No.131 is a part of this dignitaries (p.b.u.h.)sermon on advice, forsaking the world and attention on death.
The last translated part of this volume, is the last chapter on sermons, and consist of these three sermons:
No, 237, a part of his honors speech on the prophets (s.a.w).
No, 238. Part of this dignitaries (p.b.u.h.) to Abdullah ebne- Abbas who had brought him a letter from Osman, in this letter,
requested Ali (p.b.u.h) to leave Madineh, so the people would state his name as a candidate for the ehalipate less, and live on his own land in yanboe. Osman had made this request before.
No.239 part of his honors (p.b.u.h) speech on encoureging his companions to holy war.