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Peaceful co-existence

Peaceful co-existence

Peaceful co-existence

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جلد Peaceful co-existence
Published by:
Sayyid Sadru d-Din Balaghi
Original Language:
14.0 × 10.5 cm

About this Book

The relationship of a Muslim with his fellow kind is an interesting subject that has differed dimensions in Islam and arises uncountable questions: Is a Muslim able to make their faith and belief compulsory and oblige another? Does accepting fair and peaceful co - existence with others mean surrendering to tyranny and becoming distant to war and combat? What are the conditions and laws of defense in Islam? What are the responsibilities of the defenders before, during and after war?
You study in this book, in the form of a documentary the above and other subjects with the presentation of the original Arabic text of the Holy Quran's great verses.
Also at the beginning of the debate, in the same manner or, seeking help from honourable verses, we are acquainted with the foundations of this debate, and read briefly about:
How is complete and pure unity, of the sort that is in Islam?
What is the relationship, in mans world between complete and utter unity with lapsing the points concerning the colour of the skin, race, wealth etc, which are superior and luminous Islamic laws.