Polarization around The Character of Ali (A.S.)

Polarization around The Character of Ali (A.S.)

Polarization around The Character of Ali (A.S.)

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جلد Polarization around The Character of Ali (A.S.)
Published by:
Mortaza Mutahhari
A group of authors and translators of the WOFIS
Original Language:
24.5 × 17.0 cm

About this Book

The history of Ali (p.b.u.h) and his companions brims with interesting and readable events, and this book is a collection of those educational and readable stories and events, with a completely new assimilation and arrangement and examining them from an original and interesting point of view. Our esteemed scholar author looks at these events through special glasses and these are the glasses of attraction and repulsion.
In the opinion of our esteemed author superior historical characters have both the power of attraction and repulsion, the degree of these two powers accomplishment is related together with the degree of the superiority of their character. In this manner, the author, at the beginning debated about the power of attraction in the human world and spirit and soul, and he presents to the esteemed readers interesting truths on it's confirmation and on it'd background, readable and effective storied, then the talk reaches the debate on love, and brings forth, on this matter, subjects and necessary explanations. Then, he deals with narratives on this foundation of thought and explains interesting events concerning Ali (p.b.u.h) and his companions, and in between these subjects he especially emphasizes on the events concerning the Khawarij - who unfortunately in the name of Islam, arise against Ali (p.b.u.h) The main flag bearer of Islamic and finally martyrs him in the Mehrab of prayer - the truth of their history, and puts forth their argument with Ali for study.
The discussions of this book are: The effects of love; Parent's love, the best way to refine behaviour; Shi'ism. The school of love; love for Ali (p.b.u.h) in the Qur'an and Sunnah; How Ali (p.b.u.h) made enemies; Jurisprudence in religion; The secret of Islam's externalism; The politics of "Using " the Quran.
It is good for us to know that this book is a collection of the authors four speeches in relation to the leader of all pious men Ali's (p.b.u.h) martyrdom on the eighteenth to the twenty first of the celebrated month of Ramadan year of 1388 Hejri shamsi Taken, edited and arranged from a tape recording.