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Principals of Sociology In Islam

Principals of Sociology In Islam

Principals of Sociology In Islam

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جلد Principals of Sociology In Islam
Published by:
A group of authors and translators of the WOFIS
Mehdi Imam Husaini
Original Language:
14.0 × 10.5 cm

About this Book

The problem of today's world - according to what is written in this book's preface - is not the problem of bread and butter – but egotisms and personal and social monopolies which continuously grow and cause personal and group conflict, distress and war, and steals serenity from the face of this earth. The unrestful nature of the world awaits the solution of this main problem and Islam has in it's hand the key to this solution.
Just as great Islam has solved the problem of colour race etc. in theory as well as in law and enforcement, on this background it has put at mankind's judgment its manifest and clear experiences of its luminous history.
The esteemed Prophet of Islam, form the very first days of this world and divine religions birth, chose a black skinned man to be the caller to prayer, and today also, around the pure Kaaba, in clear and wonderful manifestations of the Islamic pilgrimage this show of unity and oneness between the colours and races etc, is observed and practiced in the clearest form, such as in congregational prayer and other Islamic ceremonies all over the world, this unity and oneness is clear and manifest for everyone. This valuable and interesting book, familiarizes the esteemed reader, in the background of Islamic unity and brother hood, with the humble but firm advice and commands of the holy verses and honorable traditions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) and the infallible Imams of his household (p.b.u.t), and puts at his disposal the original text of many of these verses and traditions also so he presents, as well, examples of interesting and effective actions of these leaders. In this way, he gives worthy help to the direction of the esteemed readers development on this road to unity.
The esteemed reader is able to strengthen himself in the direction of human development, once, very few days, for a few minutes, put the common every day problems out of yours, for mind and in a moment of rest and comfort, repeat the study of this book and put your spirit at heavenly prompting and pure verses and traditions disposal.