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L’eterno Miracolo (Italian)

L’eterno Miracolo (Italian)

L’eterno Miracolo (Italian)

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جلد L’eterno Miracolo (Italian)
Published by:
Yusuf Fadhl
Original Language:
14.0 × 10.5 cm

About this Book

Just like messenger or solicitor has to have a signature or assign from his sender or representative to be recognized, and has to know the orders of his sender, in the some way the esteemed prophets, who received the prophet-hood from God, need a sign and confirmation from God to be proof of their prophet-hood and their dictum would be considered the ultimate command of God.
The term "Miracle" means that sign and formation, A sign that didn't reach someone other than deviance sources, and nobody riches it other than with a special confirmation from God. The holy Quran, an eternal and living miracle of the last prophet, Mohammad son of Abdullah ( p.b.u.h), is a book which no human could possibly bring the like, and never will be able to. All through history the holy Quran itself announced: whosoever doubts and is uncertain with all his might arise and come forward along with the help of his companions then you will see you cannot bring one verse similar to the holy Quran. In this way it is clear that this sign is related to God.
You will read an abbreviated debate on wonders and miracle in this book, then, along with great examples from the holy Quran, in the view of eloquence, science, history rationality and reasoning etc. you will be aquatinted on every subject with the original and Arabic text given to you from the holy Quran

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