En Busca De La Verdad (Spanish)

En Busca De La Verdad (Spanish)

En Busca De La Verdad (Spanish)

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جلد En Busca De La Verdad (Spanish)
Published by:
Salman Ghafari
Original Language:
14.0 × 10.5 cm

About this Book

It is true that and it's religion and it's education is serious need for the human nature and is on able power in every human society and a clear, undeniable truth in the field of science and knowledge but , the biggest problem is what faith religion should be accepted?
In this small summary, of an universal book on this subject , we in the form of a story, get know a youngster growing up and educated in a Catholic Missionary's family , even though he was completely instructed in his religious affairs and principles, he went into deep thought one night and criticized these principles , especially the meaning of the Holy Trinity and seriously thought on how Jesus is God and the son of God and he began an investigation and research.
In researching , this youngster , chases his religious leaders and continuously questions them and in the continuation of his research and questioning he slowly becomes acquainted with the followers of Islam and he continues his research in this field. The reader of this book is acquainted, in the form of a story, with the stages ant the questions arising in connection with choosing of a faith or religion. These chapters are: Does logic and intellect or heart and feelings play the major part in choosing a religion and faith ? Can the Bible and collection of Holy books, with their special contents , be considered Divine intuition ? Whether those books instructions can be composed with intellect and knowledge ? Principally, do those instructions oppose and contradict each other? In accepting Jesus as God and the son o of God are sins forgiven and humans divested of responsibility? Let us look at the Bible ourselves and without listening to others, lets see what the Bible itself says about Jesus being God.
Finally, what answers Islam has to these questions ? what difference Does Islams Divine unity and intellect have with other religions Divine unity ? In the face of human values and intellect and with special attention to human responsibility , what difference is there between repentance so sins are forgiven and accepting Jesus as God and the son of God, which is Christianity causes the sins to disappear.

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