Nahjul Balaghah (Italian)

Nahjul Balaghah (Italian)

Nahjul Balaghah (Italian)

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جلد Nahjul Balaghah (Italian)
Published by:
ash-Sahrif ar-Razi
Parviz Danesh Kogyuri
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About this Book

Live historical displays of Islam's beginning.
The book Nahj-al-Balaghah in a collection of eloquent speeches and letters transcribed from the leader of all believers Ali (p.b.u.h) on different occasions. Without taking notice of the diverse and different values of the book, that has surprised intellects and researchers in different scientific and liturature fields, it has another interesting and almost unknown value in the Islamic would as only in the Nahj-al-Balaghah do we observe, in abundance, a live and worthy display of Islams historical beginning, its rises and falls, concord and discord, war and peace, hardships and ease which are in the speeches and letters of the highest ranking personality after the honorable prophet (s.a.w.) .
As quoted by the notable sonny intellect sheikh Mohammad Abdoh in the preface of his explanation on the Nahj-al-Balaghah, and on his first encounter with this priceless collection says: In studying these living speeches from Ali (p.b.u.h) its as if historical and past event become alive and the reader sees himself in the midst of events, and passing from one speech to another is just like a Jamey from one condition and environment to another .

The wonderful dimensions of the book.
The unique collection of Ali's (p.b.u.h) speeches in Nahj-al-Balaghah have different dimensions. And every dimension of its dimension has sometimes caused even non-Muslim researchers and intellects amazement and astonishment. Even special truths, which have been discussed in modern times, like, for example, the sky and earth, ants, locusts, peacocks and others have been seen, with complete wonder, profusely in these speeches.
Just as the collection of the Nahj-al-Balaghah was used by diverse intellects of ethics for guidance, advice and live and useful concealing, at the same time in also unique and incomparable an the discussion of was, self- sacrifice and enemy combat. Ebne Abi al-Hadeed the worthy Mo'tazelleh scholar, has an extensive and detailed explanation, in his preface, on the Nahj-al-Balaghah says: when we sit and that to friends, and after reading a speech on devotees piety and their abandoning the world from Ali (p.b.u.h.), then another speech is read on war and defense every one was amazed as this speech on war spoke of the same devotee which was talked of the rank of piety and abandoning the world.

A speech higher than the creators.
Finally, these speeches, in the view of eloquence, as Ebne Abi al Hadeed, in the preface of his explanation says: there is a rumor in the world east and west that they are lower than the creators and higher than the created speeches (doon kallam al- khalegh va fowqe kallam al- Makhloug).
And now to the interested the English translation is presented in three volumes. In the foot not of this translation, there is a short and useful explanation which not only aquatints the reader with some of the historical events concerned in the text subjects, but also, a lot of necessary points are explained.

A choice, not a compilation
The esteemed compiler of the Nahj-al-Balaghah collection, or sayyid Razi (may God be pleased with him) collected it from the speeches and letters of the leader of all believers, Ali (p.b.u.h) and states; it is considered his chosen and selected part and no more. In the preface, which is observed in the first volume of the translation, he says: the aim of this collection, is not the gathering of all quoted speeches or sermons by Imam Ali (p.b.u.h.) and even in one sermon or also a certain sermon the aim is to present all of it, because of this, some times different parts of a sermon are selected on different subjects without having
pertinence with each other in the debate, but the whole of the sermon or letter and its continuality throughout the series of debates are shown.

Parts of the book:
The selected sermons or letters in this honorable book are divided into three chapters or parts. Chapter one is the most detailed chapter. The three chapter titles are:
- Sermons and speeches
- Letters and Documents
- Advice and short sayings

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