IQTISADUNA Our Economics Vol. 1 Part 1

IQTISADUNA Our Economics Vol. 1 Part 1

IQTISADUNA Our Economics Vol. 1 Part 1

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جلد IQTISADUNA Our Economics Vol. 1 Part 1
Published by:
Sayyid Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr
Original Language:
23.5 × 16.5 cm

About this Book

What will happen after the decisive abolition of personal ownership and how can disagreeing and contradicting affairs be removed between people? This question is the twentieth question put from the second founder of the communist party, or Engles, stated and answered in the book (Principles of communism). In reply he says: At a time when production increases so high in every field that every one of the people, have at their disposal, whatever they want without any limits so they lives in a high standard, free from want we will have no prejudism or difference, in this manner the roots of disagreement and contradiction will dry up!!!
This answer which is more like a dream or delusion is a true and confirmed promise which (Engles) gives his communist comrades.
Today, after seventy years of domination, the origin of Communism in Russia has caves in and left a broken, weak country with destitute, unfortunate people those dreams, and golden imaginations can still put a great deal of the teenagers to sleep and in the way of those dreams, prompt them, to ruin, devastation and corruption - which are the main action methods of the communist auxiliary forces - especially taking notice that the origin of communism are interesting words like being scientific, revolutionary work, allocating the reason of being a slave or pioneer to oneself, and with different slandering convict others. Still extensive areas of today's world have, unfortunately, under the rule and influence of this decaying thought. Yes, in this world of men, a flock are woken under the painful blows of truth, but at the same time, this background still remains that under the charm of those imaginative dreams, another, new flock will fall asleep and become unlucky. Because of this analyzing the thoughts of the communism economical dreams and its scientific criticism, continuously has a heavy responsibility.
This volume of the Iqtisaduna translation, deals with this responsibility in a very high standard.

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