Nahjul Balaghah Vol. 2

Nahjul Balaghah Vol. 2

  2. SERMON 122: Amīr al-mu’minīn’s address to his followers on the battlefield of Siffīn About supporting the weak and the low-spirited during the fighting
    1. A part of the same sermon
  3. SERMON 123: To exhort his followers to fight
  4. SERMON 124: About the Khārijites and their opinion on Arbitration
  5. SERMON 125: In reply to objections on equal distribiution on Arbitration
  6. SERMON 126: About the Khārijites
  7. SERMON 127: About important happenings at Basrah
    1. A part of the same sermon
    2. Referring to the Turks (Mongols)
  8. SERMON 128: About measures and weights, the transience of this world and the condition of its people
  9. SERMON 129: Delivered when Abū Dharr was exiled towards ar-Rabadhah
  10. SERMON 130: Grounds for accepting the Caliphate and the qualities of a ruler and governor
  11. SERMON 131: Warning about death and counselling
    1. A part of the same sermon
  12. SERMON 132: On the Glory of Allāh
    1. A part of the same sermon about the Holy Qur’ān
    2. A part of the same sermon about the Holy Prophet
    3. A part of the same sermon about this world
    4. A part of the same sermon — A caution
  13. SERMON 133: In reply to ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab who consulted him about taking part in the battle against Byzantine
  14. SERMON 134: Addressing al-Mughirah al-Akhnas when he wanted to speak in support of ‘Uthman (ibn ‘Affan)
  15. SERMON 135: About the sincerity of his own intention and support of the oppressed
  16. SERMON 136: About Talhah and az-Zubayr
    1. A part of the same sermon
  17. SERMON 137: Referring to events in the future
    1. A part of the same sermon
    2. A part of the same sermon
  18. SERMON 138: On the occasion of the Consultative Committee (after the death of ‘Umar ibn al-Khattāb)
  19. SERMON 139: About backbiting and speaking ill of others
  20. SERMON 140: Against reliance on heresy
  21. SERMON 141: Against misplaced generosity
  22. SERMON 142: Praying for rain
  23. SERMON 143: Deputation of Prophets
    1. The position of Ahlu’l-bayt (the Household of the Holy Prophet)
    2. A part of the same sermon about those who are against the Ahlu’l-bayt
  24. SERMON 144: About this world
    1. A part of the same sermon on innovation (bid‘ah)
  25. SERMON 145:; Spoken when ‘Umar ibn al-Khattāb consulted Amīr al-mu’minīn about taking part in the battle of Persia.
  26. SERMON 146: The purpose of the deputation of the Holy Prophet and the condition of the time when people would go against the Qur’ān
    1. On the future
    2. About Ahlu’I-bayt
  27. SERMON 147: About Talhah and az-Zubayr and the people of Basrah
  28. SERMON 148; Before his passing away (last will)
  29. SERMON 149: About future events and some activities of the hypocrites
    1. A part of the same sermon
  30. SERMON 150: The condition of the people during disorder, and advice against oppression and unlawful earning
    1. A part of the same sermon
  31. SERMON 151: About the greatness and the attributes of Allāh
    1. A part of the same sermon about the Divine leaders (Imāms)
  32. SERMON 152: About negligent persons and the characteristics of beasts, carnivores and women
    1. A part of the same sermon
  33. SERMON 153: About the Ahlu’l-bayt (of the Holy Prophet)
    1. A part of the same sermon
  34. SERMON 154: About the wonderful creation of the bat
  35. SERMON 155: About the malice borne by ‘Ā’ishah; and warning the people of Basrah about what was to occur
    1. A part of the same sermon
    2. A part of the same sermon
  36. SERMON 156: Urging people towards Piety (taqwā)
  37. SERMON 157: About the Holy Prophet and the Holy Qur’ān
    1. A part of the same sermon.
    2. About the autocracy of the Umayyads
  38. SERMON 158: Good behaviour with people and ignoring their faults
  39. SERMON 159: Praise of Allāh
    1. Greatness of Allāh
    2. A part of the same sermon about hope and fear in Allāh
    3. The example of the Holy Prophet
    4. The example of Mūsā (Moses)
    5. The example of Dāwūd (David)
    6. The example of ‘Īsā (Jesus)
    7. Following the example of the Holy Prophet
    8. The example of himself
  40. SERMON 160: Deputation of the Holy Prophet
    1. Drawing lessons from this world
  41. SERMON 161: Reasons for keeping Amir al-mu’minin away from the caliphate
  42. SERMON 162: Attributes of Allāh
    1. Allāh, the Originator from nought
    2. A part of the same sermon
    3. About man’s creation, and pointing towards the requirements of life.
  43. SERMON 163: Dialogue with ‘Uthmān (ibn ‘Affan)
    1. Then ‘Uthmān said to Amīr al-mu’minīn:
  44. SERMON 164: Describing the wonderful creation of the peacock About the wonderful creation of birds
    1. About the Peacock
    2. The magnificence of the Creator in great and small creation
    3. A part of the same sermon Describing Paradise
    4. Note explaining some of the wonderful and obscure portions of this sermon
  45. SERMON 165: Advice for observing courtesy and kindness and keeping in and out of the same
    1. A part of the same sermon
    2. The cause of tyranny
  46. SERMON 166: At the beginning of his Caliphate: Fulfilment of rights and obligations, and advice to fear Allāh in all matters.
  47. SERMON 167: In reply to the people’s demand for avenging ‘Uthmān blood
  48. SERMON 168: When the people of Jamal set off for Basrah
  49. SERMON 169: In reply to a man who came from Basrah to enquire about Amir al-mu’minīn position vis-à-vis the people of Jamal
  50. SERMON 170: When Amīr al-mu’minīn decided to fight the enemy face to face at Siffīn
  51. SERMON 171: About the Consultative Committee and the Battle of Jamal
    1. A part of the same sermon About the Consultative Committee after the death of ‘Umar ibn al-Khattāb
    2. A part of the same sermon Describing the people of Jamal
  52. SERMON 172: On eligibility for the Caliphate
    1. The need for sagacity in fighting against Muslims
    2. The behaviour of this world with its adherents
  53. SERMON 173: About Talhah ibn ‘Ubaydillāh. Delivered when he received the news that Talhah and az-Zubayr had already left for Basrah to fight against him.
  54. SERMON 174: Warning to neglectful people, and about the vastness of his own knowledge
  55. SERMON 175: Preaching
    1. The greatness of the Holy Qur’ān
    2. About the believers and their good deeds; and the hypocrites and their bad deeds
    3. Following the sunnah and refraining from innovation
    4. Guidance from the Holy Qur’ān
    5. Categories of oppression
  56. SERMON 176: About the two arbiters (after the battle of Siffīn)
  57. SERMON 177: Praise of Allāh, transience of this world, and causes of the decline of Allāh’s blessings. (Delivered at the beginning of his caliphate after the killing of ‘Uthmān)
  58. SERMON 178: In reply to Dhi‘lib al-Yamānī’s Question about seeing Allah
    1. Then Amīr al-mu’minīn replied:
  59. SERMON 179: Condemning his disobedient men
  60. SERMON 180: About the Group which was intended to join the Khārijites
  61. SERMON 181: About Allah’s attributes, His creatures and His being above physical limitations
    1. An account of past peoples and about learning from them
    2. A part of the same sermon about the Imām al-Mahdī
    3. On the method of his ruling, and grief over the martyrdom of his companions
    4. Then Amīr al-mu’minīn wiped his hand over his auspicious, honoured beard and wept for a long time, then he continued:
    5. Then Amīr al-mu’minīn shouted at the top of his voice:
  62. SERMON 182: Praise of Allāh for His bounties
    1. A part of the same sermon About the greatness and importance of the Holy Qur’ān
    2. Warning against punishment on the Day of Judgement
  63. SERMON 183: About the Khārijites slogan “Command behoves only Allah”
  64. SERMON 184: Praise of Allāh and His wonderful creatures
    1. About the Holy Prophet
    2. About the creation of animal species
    3. The Creation of the Universe
    4. The wonderful creation of the locust
    5. About the Glory of Allāh
  65. SERMON 185: About the Oneness of Allāh
  66. SERMON 186: Regarding the vicissitudes of time (The mischiefs that are to occur and the absence of lawful ways of livelihood)
  67. SERMON 187: Allāh’s favours
    1. Condition of persons facing death
    2. Transience of this world
  68. SERMON 188: Steadfast and transient belief
    1. The challenge ‘‘Ask me before you miss me’’and prophecy about the Umayyads
  69. SERMON 189: Importance of fear of Allāh, desolateless of the grave, and about the death of the lover of Ahlu’l-bayt being like that of a martyr
  70. SERMON 190: Praise of Allāh
    1. Advice about fear of Allāh and an account of this world and its people
  71. SERMON 191: Known as ‘‘al-Khutbah al-Qāsi‘ah’’ (Sermon of Disparagement [against Satan])
  72. Allāh’s trial and the vanity of Iblīs
    1. Warning against Satan
    2. Caution against vanity and boasting about ignorance
    3. Caution against obeying haughty leaders and elders
    4. The humbleness of the Holy Prophet
    5. The Holy Ka‘bah
    6. Caution against rebellion and oppressiveness
    7. Enthusiasm for attractive manners, respectable position, and taking lessons from the past
    8. Condemning his people
    9. Amīr al-mu’minīn’s high position and wonderful deeds in Islam
  73. SERMON 192: Qualities of God-fearing, the effect of preaching on minds amenable to it,etc
  74. SERMON 193: In description of hypocrites
  75. SERMON 194: Allāh’s praise, advice about fear of Allāh and details about the Day of Judgement
  76. SERMON 195: The condition of the world at the time of the proclaimation of prophethood, the transience of this world and the state of its inhabitants
  77. SERMON 196: Amīr al-mu’minīn’s attachment to the Holy Prophet. The performance of his funeral rites
  78. SERMON 197: Allāh’s attribute of Omniscience
    1. Advantages of fear of Allāh
    2. About Islam
    3. About the Holy Prophet
    4. About the Holy Qur’ān
  79. SERMON 198: Containing advice given by Amīr al-mu’inīn to his companions About Prayer
    1. About the Islamic Tax (zakāt)
    2. Fulfilment of Trust
  80. SERMON 199: Treason and treachery of Mu‘āwiyah and the fate of those guilty of treason
  81. SERMON 200: One should not be afraid of the scarcity of those who tread on the right path
  82. SERMON 201: On the occasion of the burial of Hadrat Fatimah (p.b.u.h)
  83. SERMON 202: Transience of this world, and importance of collecting provisions for the next life.
  84. SERMON 203: Warning his companions about the dangers of the Day of Judgment
  85. SERMON 204: In reply to Talhah and az-Zubayr’s complaint about not consulting them
  86. SERMON 205 :During the battle of Siffin Amīr al-mu’minīn heard some of his men abusing the Syrians
  87. SERMON 206: In the battle of Siffīn Amīr al-mu’minīn saw Imām al-Hasan proceeding rapidly to fight, then he said:
  88. SERMON 207: When Amīr al-mu’minīn’s companions expressed displeasure about his attitude concerning Arbitration
  89. SERMON 208: Amīr al-mu’minīn wenI to enquire about the health of his companion al-‘Alā’ ibn Ziyād al-Hārithī and when he noticed the vastness of his house
  90. SERMON 209: Causes of difference in the tradition and categories of the relaters of traditions
    1. First: The lying hypocrites
    2. Second: Those who are mistaken
    3. Third: Those who are ignorant
    4. Fourth: Those who memorize truthfully
  91. SERMON 210: The greatness of Allāh and the creation of the Universe
  92. SERMON 211: About those who give up supporting right
  93. SERMON 212: The Sublimity of Allāh and a eulogy of the Prophet
    1. A part of the same sermon about the Prophet
  94. SERMON 213: The Prophet’s nobility of descent
    1. The characteristics of the virtuous whose guidance must be followed
  95. SERMON 214: A prayer which Amīr al-mu’minīn often recited
  96. SERMON 215: Delivered at the battle of Siffīn Mutual rights of the ruler and the ruled
  97. SERMON 216: About the excesses of the Quraysh
    1. A part of the same sermon about those who went to Basrah to fight Amīr al-mu’minīn
  98. SERMON 217: When Amīr al-mu’minīn passed by the corpses of Talhah ibn ‘Ubaydullāh and ‘Abd ar-Rahmān ibn ‘Attāb ibn Asīd who were both killed in the battle of Jamal
  99. SERMON 218: Qualities of the God-fearing and the pious
  100. SERMON 219: Delivered after reciting the verse: Engage (your) vying in exuberance, until ye come to the graves (Quran, 102:1-2)
  101. SERMON 220: Delivered after reciting the verse: . . . therein declare glory unto Him in the mornings and the evenings; Men whom neither merchandise nor any sale diverteth from the remembrance of Allāh and constancy in prayer and paying the poor-rate; they fear the day when the hearts and eyes shall writhe of the anguish. (Qur’ān, 24:36-37)
  102. SERMON 221: Amīr al-mu’minīn recited the verse:
  103. SERMON 222: About keeping aloof from oppression and misappropriation.
  104. SERMON 223: Supplication
  105. SERMON 224: Transience of the world and the helplessness of those in graves
  106. SERMON 225: upplication
  107. SERMON 226: About a companion who passed away from this world before the occurrence of troubles.
  108. SERMON 227: About allegiance to Amīr al-mu’minīn for the Caliphate
  109. SERMON 228: Advice about fear of Allāh, and an account of those who remain apprehensive of death and adopt abstemiousness
    1. A part of the same sermon about ascetics
  110. SERMON 229: Delivered (when he was marching) towards Basrah
  111. SERMON 230: Delivered when ‘Abdullāh ihn Zama‘ah asked for some money (from the public Treasury)
  112. SERMON 231: On Ja‘dah ibn Hubayrah al-Makhzūmī’s inability to deliver a sermon: About speaking the truth
  113. SERMON 232: Causes for difference in the features and traits of people.
  114. SERMON 233: Spoken when Amīr al-mu’minīn was busy in the funeral ablution (ghusl) of the Holy Prophet and shrouding him
  115. SERMON 234: About following the Prophet after his immigration to Mecca
  116. SERMON 235: About collecting provision for the next world while in this world and performing good acts before death
  117. SERMON 236: About the two arbitrators (Abū Mūsā al-Ash‘arī and ‘Amr ibn al-‘Ās) and disparagement of the people of Syria (ash-Shām).
  118. SERMON 237: Amīr al-mu’minīn describes herein the members of the Prophet’s family
  119. SERMON 238: When ‘Uthmān ibn ‘Affān sent word through ‘Abdullāh ibn al-‘Abbās that Amīr al-mu’minīn should leave for Yanbu‘
  120. SERMON 239: Exhorting his men to jihād and asking them to refrain from seeking ease