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Islam is to believe and accept that there is none to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger. It means that one MUST believe in and accept all that has been brought by Muhammad (s.a.w.w.).
If you have studied the tenets of Islam and are convinced of its truth, there is no need to get your name registered anywhere. Islam is the only religion which establishes a direct relationship between a human being and God. There is no organised clergy or priest-hood as in Christianity; there is no forgiving of sins by priests; no dispensation and nothing to show that you depend on some human being for the salvation of your soul. If you are convinced about the truth of Islam and if you recite the following sentences with conviction, you are a Muslim without any need of any witness or priest or registration.
The most God-fearing person these days is the one who obeys all the commands of God and abstains from all forbidden things.
The richest person is he who is the most perfect in faith.
The faithful (i.e. مومن): Faith (i.e. ایمان) has been defined as "Firm belief, declaration by tongue and Actions according to the commands of Allah.
Your question concerns the relationship between 'Iman' and 'Good Deeds'. Iman is likened to a flame of a lamp, and worship of Allah and good deeds are like its light. The stronger the flame of the lamp, the brighter its light. Likewise, the stronger the Iman the better and more sincere the worship of Allah and more virtuous good deeds.
If a person is slow in worship and good deeds, it means that his Iman is weak.
If he does not worship Allah and performs no good deeds at all his claim of Iman is like a claim that lamp is burning while the whole room (walls, floor, roof, furniture) is absolutely dark.
First let it be clear that our faith is based on the "belief in the Creator". If evolution means that Allah created different things in stages, there is not much conflict with religion. If, on the other hand, evolution means that there is no creator and that the things came into being just by progress of matter, then it is naked "Kufr" (atheism) and our faith cannot tolerate it even for an instant.
Allah says in the Qur'an :-
"And I did not create Jinn and Human Beings but so that they worship me". (Qur'an, 51:56). The Maarifat (knowledge) of Allah and then obeying His Will and Command is included in the word "Worship"
The body does not feel anything; but the soul feels the pain if the body is mishandled just as the parents are pained to see their child mishandled though they themselves are not touched. As the soul remained in that body, it developed a kind of attachment with it which causes this feeling of pain even after being removed from it.
If a Muslim knows nothing about the Qur'an nor about prayers but keeps the fast during the month of Ramadhan properly, he will get "Reward" of fasting but will be punished for his neglect of prayers.
This thing has no existence; it was a creation of the mental luxury of Greek philosophers. They said that the Creator created the first intellect; this first intellect created the second intellect and first sky; the second intellect, in its turn, created the third intellect and the second sky; and likewise, the ninth intellect created the tenth intellect and ninth sky. The tenth intellect created this Earth. According to them, the Creator, after creating the first intellect, is powerless to do any other work.
Satan was not from the angels. Qur’an repeatedly says that he is from Jinns. Jinns, like human beings, have been given free will and they are expected, like human beings, to obey, the commands of Allah by their free will and power.
Science literally means 'knowledge'. The present day Scientists endeavour to 'know' (discover) the mysteries of this vast universe. Some times they succeed; some times they fail while at times they reach nearer the truth. The greatest achievement of science in recent times has been to unravel, to a certain extent (but not fully), the secret of the atom. It is true that this "universe" is the action of God; but science is only a human attempt to "know' about that action. But this attempt of man cannot be termed Action of God.
Satan has no power misleading human being forcibly. His power is only confined to suggesting wrong ways to man. Whether or not to follow his suggestion is entirely dependent on man's own choice and decision, Allah has mentioned this fact, in the Qur'an: "Verily, there is no authority for him (Satan) over those who believe and rely on their Lord. Verily, his authority is only over those who befriend him and those who associate others with Him': (Qur'an, 16:99-100).

Shaitan himself will draw attention of the unbelievers to this fact on the Day of Judgement in the following words:-
"Verily Allah promised you the promise of truth, and I gave you promises but failed to keep them to you; and I had no authority over you except I called you and you responded unto me; so do not blame me, but rather blame yourselves". (Qur'an, 14:22).

See how Satan (Shaitan) clearly defines his role: he has no authority upon man; he just calls him to evil and man responds to this call on his own will and by his own strength. As a matter of fact the power of suggesting to follow the right or the wrong way is also given to human beings. Will you suggest that all human beings (except the purest and the most pious ones) should be exterminated? If not then why should you object to the existence of Satan (Shaitan)?

Thirdly, to make the above point more clear, read the following 'A.ya which mentions about Shaitans from amongst human beings":-
"Say: "I seek refuge in the Lord of the people, The king of the People, The God of the people, From the evil of the slinking whisperer, who whispers into the breasts of the people, from among the Jinn and the men''. (Surah 114)

Fourthly, you will now appreciate that Shaitan is not an overwhelming force against which the human beings are mere helpless weaklings. He is just like any other evil companion, cajoling us to follow wrong ways. Whether we remain on the right path or go astray is entirely our own choice and it is our own free will.

Fifthly, it is only when man, by his own will and choice goes along the wrong path that Satan gets him in his grip. Allah says in the Qur'an (7:27): "Verily, We have made the Satans guardian of those who do not believe". Notice that when one becomes unbeliever he comes under the domain of Shaitan.

Sixthly, it should be pointed out that in this life we have been given equal options of doing good or evil. And to keep the balance, we have been provided with one invisible enemy (Satan) and one invisible guide (intellect); and also one visible enemy (human Shaitan) and one visible guide (Prophet and Imams). So, you cannot say that balance is weighted towards evil. Finally, it should be clarified that in your question "man was created weak" has been quoted out of context. It is not meant to compare man with Shaitan and it does not declare that man is "weaker than Shaitan".

The Aya should be seen in its context. It runs as follows:-
"Verily, Allah desires to turn unto you (with mercy); and those who follow their own lust wish that you should deviate a great deviation. Allah desires to lighten your burden and man has been created weak". (4:27-28)

This Aya depicts the Mercy of Allah upon mankind because man has been created weak. Is it not ironical that your friend wants to use it to prove "injustice" of Allah?
When Allah pleases to show importance and prestige to a person or a thing. He declares it as belonging to Himself; though in fact every thing belongs to Him.

For example, every soul belongs to him; but He called the soul of Adam (a.s.) as (My soul); and it showed the importance of that soul. Everyone is a 'slave' of Allah, but He referred to our Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) as (His Slave); and it showed the prophet's high prestige with Allah. Likewise, every place belongs to Him; but He specifically named Ka'bah as (My House) to show its distinction and sanctity
If he does not know that Sajdah before anything or person, other than Allah, is Haram in the Sheriah of Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.), then he will have committed only a major sin (Gunah-e-Kabira). If however he knows the law and still does Sajdah before anything or person, then he is a Mushrik (an idolator)
We are not eternal; we have a beginning and an end. Also, we are not self existing, someone must have created us, must have brought us into existence. That creator is God, who is free from all defects and shortcomings. In Islam God is called Allah.
Doing a work without any reason or purpose is a defect; we do not like to be accused of working aimlessly. Obviously, Allah too must have created us for some good purpose. He points to this purpose when he asks mankind in the Qur'an: "What! Do you think that we have created you in vain and that you shall not be returned to us?" (Surah 23, aya 115) so there IS a purpose behind our creation.
Let us ask the Creator Himself why He has created us. If He tells us, that would be the really authentic and genuine reason. And He, in His mercy, has already told us - without our asking. He says: "And I have not created the jinn and the human beings except that they should worship Me:' (Surah 51, aya 56).
Every man and woman must fulfil the purpose of his/her creation; everyone should submit to the Will of Allah and worship Him. When we worship Allah, we acknowledge His majesty and power and confess our helplessness and neediness, in a manner prescribed by Him. We should do it with sincere intention and pure heart, in obedience to Allah, in order that we may come nearer to Him.

Allah has sent Prophets, appointed Imams, revealed Books and prescribed Laws of Shari'ah in order to guide us to the right Path, and to teach us the proper way of divine worship. We must follow their guidance, because it is the only way by which we may attain to the goal of our life, fulfil the purpose of our creation.
By following the way of Islam.

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