Who We Are

The WORLDWIDE (WORLD) ORGANIZATION FOR ISLAMIC SERVICES (WOFIS) was established in Middle East in 1966, due to the great need to answer religious inquiries and questions about faith. The institute was formed with a specialized academic board and experienced executive staff, which swiftly made the Islamic Center recognized on international levels.

The institute's activities also range to translations, the establishment of religious centers across Europe and America, and the training of religious missionaries.

With 55 years of experience, WOFIS continues to operate in the following areas:

- Translation of Shiite religious books into English (and/or other languages) and publication through the institute's website and printing.

- Answering religious questions and doubts.

Our audience is those who seek the truth and the right way of life are.

Our goal is to introduce the path that Allah guided humans to take through the last of prophets and messengers and his pure and infallible successors.

WOFIS has a collection of valuable and useful books that address religious-related issues and human values ​​in various fields to help people find the right and stable way of life.

Communicating and collaborating with religious scholars to answer questions is another valuable asset of WOFIS.

WOFIS is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit and independent organization.