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Smoking is neither Haram nor Makruh. But on the whole is discouraged because of its harming effects on the health.
No; though we Shias have a long history of spending our lives in prisons and torture-chambers because of our belief.
Yes, it is strictly forbidden in Islam to work in a brewery in any capacity. The reason is that all firms, companies and shops depend for their success on their employees. If they do not get employees, their business will collapse. So everyone working with a firm which does a 'Haram' business, helps, strengthens and sustains that business. It is to save Muslims from helping 'Haram' business to flourish that the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) strictly forbade working in any capacity in such concerns; and he more specifically mentioned the business of liquor. He said:
''Allah has done 'Laanat' on liquor, and the man who sows the seed of grape or grain for this purpose, and the man who makes liquor, and the man who drinks it, and the man who serves it, and the man who sells it, and the man who buys it, and the man who transports it, and the man to whom it is transported".

To give you an example from recent history, Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian leader, launched a "non-co-operation movement" in 1920's in India. He called on the Indians not to co-operate or participate in anything connected with British Government, The students left the Government Schools, the teachers and civil servants resigned; the lawyers left the courts, and the traders boycotted the English goods. This movement

continued for a long time. Of course, it did not at once topple the British rule in India. But in the long run it helped in getting the British out of India, firstly, by cultivating a feeling of 'national cause' in Indians, and secondly by showing the world how much the Indian public was against the British Rule.

We, the Muslims, are likewise in constant struggle against evil and Haram things; and, therefore, we are not allowed to help the evil in any way.
It is my advice that you should not start this industry if you cannot refuse such orders.
Well, first you have to understand that material well-being does not bring happiness. If you have materialistic out-look, the more money or power you get the more your greed increases. So the materialistic outlook can never help you.

On the other hand, if you have faith in Allah, and believe that there is a Day of Reckoning, then you will strive hard, not for this transitory life, but for the life-hereafter,

which is everlasting. Your actions, behaviour, character and dealings with the people will all be governed by this thought and belief. In this way, even if you are put to some troubles in this life, you will not be depressed by it. Because your eyes are onto a better and lasting reward in the life-hereafter.

Thus, when your out-look and character is conditioned by Islamic spirit, you will feel the Love of Allah in your every breath. And that is the Source of True Happiness.
No. Never do it. It will be a disrespect to Imam Husain (a.s.).
There is no haram.

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